Common Student Questions

No! Do not give out your login ID and/or password because of an email request.

A serious scam targeted to educational institutions has again come to our attention. And, sadly a few of our fellow community members have already fallen for it.

There is SPAM going around purporting to come from IT Services (or something similar) that is asking for your user ID (ex: jsmith) and password.

IT Services NEVER asks for your user ID or password via email. We ask you to NEVER give your email ID and password (or ANY personal information) out to anyone over email. This policy of not asking for your user ID and password via email will NOT change regardless of whether you get an official looking email saying it has.

Sometimes these emails do look very official. They might even look like they are coming from IT Services. But, they are not from us. For an example of a fraudulent email, please see below. If you have doubts or are concerned, please contact us at the HelpDesk. We are always happy to help.

If you have already given out your email ID and password via one of these emails, please contact the HelpDesk ASAP. Please also immediately change your password in OASIS at the link off the front of the Oglethorpe homepage.

When users give out their ID and password via this scam, hackers turn around, log in and take a snapshot of our user directory. They then further use the compromised accounts to send vast amounts of SPAM.

The results of this has been:

A huge increase in the amount of SPAM everyone is getting because these SPAMMERS now know our user directory.

It has also caused the University as a whole to be temporarily placed on some email “Blacklists”. That means some of our email doesn’t get through until the systems team can get our name removed which, sadly, takes a great deal of time and effort.

Maintaining the security of the University requires the cooperation of the entire community. Help us help you by being careful what you send out via email.

For further information, please contact us at the HelpDesk.

Example of Fraudulent Email:

From: Help Desk [[email protected]] Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 1:35 PM
Subject: “oglethorpe.edu” Email Account Confirmation

Attn. “oglethorpe.edu” Webmail Users,

We regret to announce to you that we will be making some vital maintenance on our {oglethorpe.edu} website. During this process you might have login problems in signing into your Online account, but to prevent this you have to confirm your account immediately after you receive this notification.

To confirm and to keep your account active during and after this process, please reply to this message with the below account information.

Failure to do this might cause a permanent deactivation of your user account from our database to enable us create more spaces for new users.


E-mail ID:
E-mail Password:
Date of birth:

Your account shall remain active after you have successfully confirmed your account details.

Thanks for bearing with us.

Warning Code: 002671

You can use your Oglethorpe ID and password to log into to any of the computers available on campus, in the labs and in the library. You will then have access to email, internet and a wide variety of applications including Microsoft Office.

IT Services DOES NOT recommend forwarding Oglethorpe Email to outside accounts. Further, all official University communication goes to the pertaining faculty, staff, or student’s email account. Any email sent to that account is assumed by the University to have been read. The duty to check this account regularly is the sole responsibility of the Oglethorpe account holder.

If you do find the need to forward your mail, the instructions can be found on the IT Services section of Petrelnet. If you have any problems, the Helpdesk will be more than happy to walk you through this.what

Moodle can be accessed using the quick links on the left-hand side of our main page or by going to the following link: Moodle

You will login with the same username and password that you use to access all other Oglethorpe resources such as Email, OASIS, etc.

Microsoft provides free access to self-paced training on each application on their website.

After you log on to a one of the computers available on campus, you will automatically be mapped to your own home directory. This directory can be accessed either through My Documents or through the H:\ Drive mapping. This folder is stored on our File Server and is backed up every night. Every time you log in to a machine, no matter which machine you use your files will be there. You can also save your files to almost any USB memory device you have, if you prefer.

The computers in the labs are equipped to use your portable USB memory drive.

Simply insert the USB device in the proper port – usually located at the front of your machine – and your drive will show up in the X:\ drive. If the folder does not open automatically you can click on the Explorer icon on the desktop, expand the computer folder and click on the X:\ drive. Your device should show up as one of the folders in here.

All Oglethorpe University computers available for faculty, staff and student use have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on them. The reason why you may not be able to open this file on your personal computer is that you most likely have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and it won’t recognize the new file format in Office 2007. There are a number of solutions for this:

Install the Microsoft Compatibility Pack for Microsoft Office 2003.
Once this file is downloaded and installed, you will be able to open Microsoft Office 2007 documents with Office 2003
Replace the current version of Office on your PC with Office 2007. This can be purchased at the OU bookstore or through Microsoft. If you are a faculty or staff member, special discounts are available. Please contact the HelpDesk.

Plotting FAQ

A plotter is a large format printer that produces both high quality prints in full color or black and white. IT Services has an HP DesignJet Z3200ps 24-inch wide plotter.

Any member of the faculty, staff, or student population may use the plotter provided they have an Oglethorpe Business account code to use to pay for the print job. Cash will only be accepted under special circumstances, but arrangements must be made with the IT Services Help Desk Manager.


The cost of the job depends on the ink usage, size of the print, and the paper that is used.  The total cost of the print job will be calculated once the printing has finished.  For estimating purposes a full color print on premium paper costs approximately $1.70 per square foot.

The plotter is available during the normal Help Desk business hours.  

The plotter has 24 inch wide roll feed paper.  Therefore your print job can be 24 inches wide.  The length of the plot is limited by the length of the paper on the roll.

The following types are available:

Plain bond paper – Typical print jobs
Premium photo paper – For high-color posters and art work

While there are many applications that can be used to make flyers and posters, there are few applications that support creating documents up to the maximum size of the plotter.  For the best results, please use Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Acrobat.

Most Microsoft Office products allow you to choose “File” and then “Save as Adobe PDF”.

When setting up the document, set the paper size to ArchD (Architectural  D ).  If that paper size is not available, then you can set the paper size to 7.32” x 11” and it will be enlarged during the printing process*.  You can also set the size of the document to the exact size of the desired printout, such as 24″ by 36″**.

*If you use the 7.32” x 11” setting there may be a decrease in print quality due to the image being re-sized when IT prints the document.

** There will be a very small amount of clipping around the edge of your document, please do not put text too close to the edge when using this sizing option.